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Yep, it’s FREE!

Published September 9, 2012 by snoopsistas

So I’m up at 12:13am, still pounding on the keys to my laptop. Stomach churning. Brain haywire. I’m a bundle of nerves! Tomorrow, well actually right now, it is tomorrow! So I guess TODAY, my ebook, Graphic Nature will be FREE for the world to read and review. It’s a scary feeling, I’m telling you. My mind is flip-flopping through a million different emotions right now. It’s scary yet exciting. I want people to read the book. I want to know what they think. Here’s what I think:

I love Graphic Nature. It’s not really a book; it’s a screenplay. My movie script. My baby. It was written from my heart. It touches some sensitive areas for me. I’ve always said that if I could afford to quit my day job, I would make it my mission to catch child predators. Well, Graphic Nature deals with that subject in such a way that truly gratifies me: 3 kick ass lady cops who treat these predators like the animals they are.

I’ve never thought about writing it in book format because I so love it as a screenplay. My dream cast would be: Jennifer Lopez, Gabriele Union, Kerry Washington, Lynn Chen, Marcia Cross, Jaden Smith, and Jesse Williams. Of course, that is just MY dream. I just hope that at least some people will like it. I’m trying to stay positive and that’s kind of hard to do now that it’s 12:27am and I can’t sleep although I know my body needs it.

I hope that you all enjoy Grapic Nature and write a brief review. It will be FREE Sept. 9-11th on Amazon at Since it’s free, you may as well get a copy and gift a copy to a friend or family member. While you’re at it, take a moment to view my other title, Tony Macaroni. It is a children’s picture book for $0.99 Why not buy a copy and gift a copy? Hey, it’s only 99cents and it goes to a good cause: our daycare, which provides a loving, learning environment to children of low-income families. Every purchase is definitely appreciated!