Screenplay as an ebook?

Published May 24, 2012 by snoopsistas

Yes! I wrote a screenplay several years ago entitled Graphic Nature. The story is about a group of detectives tracking a serial killer that targets children. My original goal was to have Overbrook Entertainment, Will Smith’s production company, to direct and produce it. So, I studied EVERY movie the company had ever made, including one of their early movies, Saving Face. Although it wasn’t really huge on the big screen, it won numerous awards. I decided to send my script to one of the lead actresses, Lynn Chen. At the time, she was very receptive to the script, read it and even emailed me back with positive comments!

But, in 2009, when mom and Craig (my brother) died, I lost my drive to write and put the script away. It wasn’t until recently that I started writing again. I decided, why keep sending my script to producers who are just going to keep sending it back unopened? Because of so many laws and rules and whatever, many producers won’t even look at your script unless you approach them through an agent and they are equally hard to find. So I made the decision to edit the script, put it in book form, and sell it as an ebook, hoping to generate interest with the right people. I chose Amazon’s KDP Select program because Amazon Prime Members actually can get the book for FREE at I’m hoping that this was the right move! Only time will tell.


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